SABRE WILD Max Bear Spray | 225g SBAD-01X   Safety Supply Canada

SABRE WILD Max Bear Spray | 225g

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SABRE WILD Max Bear Spray | 225g 

**Dangerous Goods: product requires special shipping and paperwork


These Sabre Wild Max sprays offers personal safety from bears and wildlife at a safe distance (9-10.5 meters) - - Which is up to 6 meters further than the other bear sprays on the market. This provides a huge advantage considering that a charging bear can cover over 15 meters in mere seconds! This product features non-flammable formulation, environmentally safe ingredients, and a orange safety wedge protecting from accidental discharge.


  • 225 gram spray canister
  • Non-flammable formulation, environmentally safe ingredients, non-lethal stopping power
  • Prevent accidental discharge with orange safety wedge
  • Greater protection at a safe distance of 9-10.5 meters
  • Better coverage due to heavy fog delivery
  • Maximum strength: 1% capsaicin, 1.84% major capsaicinoids
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